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Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.     

 Studies have conclusively proved that diverse organizations are more successful organizations. Empirical evidence reveals that diversity—heterogeneity in race, culture, gender, etc.—has material benefits for organizations, communities, and nations. However, Diversity also brings an inherent amount of conflict with the status quo, the subconscious biases, and the need to create a more inclusive environment. Multiple organizations have started diversity programs with little or no success. A recent study by Boston Consulting Group notes that “the real problem is that many organizations simply don’t know which measures are most effective in improving diversity.” At Vividhta, we have experts in diversity helping you to create and manage a successful Diversity program. From recruitment to training, coaching, mentoring, monitoring and handholding, we cover the entire gamut of services around Diversity and Inclusion. Its not just about Diversity- with Vividhta, its about result orientation and success in Diversity.  


Recruitment Trained recruiters at Vividhta understand the complexity in finding diverse talent for organizations. Whether your aim is gender balancing or to become more inclusive with specially-abled resources, Vividhta provides you the right profile suited for your needs. Our diversity consultants are equipped to help you identify potential areas for diversity, work out a structured approach to help you increase the diversity profile of your organization.
Training POSH Sexual harassment is one of the most important areas where organizations are vulnerable – financially, ethically and in terms of their image. Indian Law mandates Prevention of Sexual Harassment training for all employees. It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that employees are trained on what constitutes harassment, the do’s and don’ts of employee behavior and the recourse provided in case there is a case of harassment. Training on POSH also reinforces the importance of inclusion to your corporate culture and also empowers everyone on board to identify and respond to discriminatory behavior before it can take root or cause further issues. Subconscious Biases “Your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind”. The biases we carry as colleagues, recruiters, managers reflect in our decisions towards those who may be different from us. As successful organizations, we cannot allow our employees/stakeholders to take refuge in  their subconscious biases built over the years. The impact on business can be immense and long lasting. The first step is any such training is the acceptance of having these biases and the awareness thereof. Our program has been designed by psychologists, coaches, diversity experts to bring you a concrete, multistep format around working on the subconscious biases and their linkage to business decisions. Recruiter and Interviewer training Studies involving hiring managers have reported that they commonly looked for someone like themselves in interviews. Replicating ourselves in hiring contributes to the prevalent gender segregation of jobs, with, for example, male bankers hiring more male bankers and female teachers hiring more female teachers. Vividhta has designed a training program for Interviewers and managers helping them to interview without prejudices. Our approach is to design certain specific interventions that will help ensure that the interviewer can minimize his/her hiring biases. Leadership training A 2014 Deloitte study identified Global Cultural Agility, defined as managing diversity and inclusion, as one of seven 21st Century leadership skills that are in high demand. Senior leadership need to proactively engage to drive a meaningful inclusive culture. When the senior management is seen as a  crusader and champion of diversity and believes in the benefits of creating a successful inclusive organizations, the organization culture undergoes a positive change.
Coaching Vividhta specializes in individual as well as small group coaching. Our panel of coaches is trained to help you find solutions to personal and professional problems that may be restraining you from giving your best. Coaches work with your employees in small groups in case there are common issues or in individual sessions.
Counseling-Helpline Employees may have issues that they want to seek professional help on or need an objective person to help them with. These issues may be personal or work related. Vividhta will run a helpline manned by psychologists and counselors to guide the stressed employee to a resolution of their problems.
First 100 days Most diversity programs fall short of the expected results as the diversity entrants are not handheld effectively. The diversity candidates end up feeling lost, isolated, demotivated leading to an unhappy and unproductive employee who exits the organization. Vividhta’s “The First 100 Days” is a program designed to make the employee feel wanted, supported and encouraged to work with your organization. It has been found that post the first 100 day period employees feel more engaged with the organization leading to better results and higher productivity.
Monitoring Organisations need to set up POSH committees where in house members need to be trained on how to deal with POSH complaints. The team at Vividhta is trained to train your committee members, set up the committee and be the mandatory external advisor for any cases that may come up helping you resolve them satisfactorily.

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